The NFL Commissioner Failed

I am refusing to watch NFL football and will boycott any company this sponsors the NFL and I am asking you to join me if you agree with this article.

This is a excerpt from Muth’s Truths: September 27, 2017

The NFL & Luther Strange: A Tale of Two PR Disasters

This NFL public relations disaster is actually pretty simple…

Players have the right to protest.  Coaches have the right to bench them.  Owners have the right to fire them.  The president has the right to criticize them.  And the fans have the right to boycott them.

Seriously.  What’s so complicated about this?  Everyone is exercising their rights in what remains the freest country in the universe – though the recent violence of alt-left protesters against free speech is making it less so by the day.

That said, there’s no way the NFL can win this one.  They should have lanced the boil a year ago when Colin Kaepernick started this whole insulting and offensive mess.

Yes, he enjoys – thanks to the very country he’s protesting against – the right to free speech.  But he and these other highly-paid, ungrateful, spoiled pig-skinners do NOT have the right to use someone else’s soapbox to air their views.

The NFL fines players for all manner of antics, including “excessive celebrations,” in an effort to protect the image and reputation of the league.  But it allowed these same players to spit in the eyes of the fans by politicizing the game and demonstrating total disrespect for our flag and those who defend it.

Including service members who have lost their legs in battle and are now UNABLE to stand for the National Anthem.  Or worse, have lost their very lives.

If you don’t want to stand for the Star Spangled Banner, fine.  Sit in the locker room until it’s over.  But don’t drag your teammates, your team, the NFL and especially the fans into your personal little hissy fit.

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