Nevada Capital Building

My Visit to the Nevada Legislature

I went to Carson City, Nevada Thursday and Friday to visit the Nevada Legislature. It seemed rather lifeless. There wasn’t much activity.

Met with several legislators and discussed the Nevada land issue and the taxpayer rights issue. I believe that we may have accomplished some objectives on these 2 issues.

While I was there, another Federal judge ignored the law and ruled against President Trump’s immigration order. This was the third judge that ruled against it. How can they rule against it when a 1952 law was passed that allows it.

It is another example of Judicial overreach. We cannot allow judges to ignore the law and make decisions on their opinion.

The Nevada land issue is another example of laws  being ignored. The Congressional Act of 1866 gave the State of Nevada over 11 million acres of land. Yet the Federal Government says that it is their land and no one has done anything about it.

To get back to my trip, it was great time. I learned a lot about our Legislative process. I would recommend that all voters visit our legislature when it is in session.

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