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Citizens Lobbyist Seminar

This is from an email from Janine Hansen.

Nevada Families for Freedom
186 Ryndon Unit 12, Elko, Nevada 89801, 775-397-6859, Sparks 775-356-0105
January  26, 2017, In the Year of Our Lord
Citizen Lobbyist Workshop Scheduled for Las Vegas
Friday, January 27, 6:30pm
at Herbally Grounded, Decatur & Charleston
Nevada Legislature Begins February 6, 2017
“The Nevada Legislature begins on February 6, 2017. We as citizens have a responsibility to be engaged in the Legislative process in order to protect and defend our liberties. The concerns this Session are particularly compelling because the Democrats control both the Nevada Senate and the Assembly,” stated Janine Hansen, State President of Nevada Families for Freedom.
“In order to prepare for the Legislature, we are holding Citizen Lobby Workshops to teach people simple ways to be effective Citizen Lobbyists from their own homes. Our Las Vegas workshop will be held on Friday, January 27th at 6:30pm, at Herbally Grounded, Decatur & Charleston. A second Workshop is scheduled in Pahrump on Saturday, January 28th at noon at the Nye County Republican Central Committee Headquarters, 3370 S. Hwy 160 Suite 7. There is no cost but donations are welcome. Workshops have already been held in Elko and subsequent workshops will be held in Carson City, Reno, and Winnemucca,” stated Hansen
Nevada Families for Freedom is sponsoring the event in conjunction with twelve co-sponsors including the Independent American Party, Chuck Muth President– Citizens Outreach, Nevada Firearms Coalition, Nye County Republican Central Committee, Private Well Owners CoOp of Nye County, Stillwater Firearms Association, Tom Tabor–Silver Sage PAC, Nevada Right to Life, Elko Constitution Study Group, Charleston Neighborhood Preservation, Reno Conservative Talk Lunch, and the Washoe County Republican Assembly.
“We encourage citizens to make a difference by making their voices heard at the Nevada Legislature. Last Session Nevada Families sent out over 150 Legislative Alerts and updates enabling citizens a simple way to engage in the Legislative process,” concluded Janine Hansen.
Janine Hansen, who will present the workshop in Las Vegas, has been a citizen lobbyist and activist at the Nevada Legislature every session since 1971 and has been there full time since 1991.
We depend on your individual free will gifts! Thank you!

You can help Nevada Families for Freedom by contributing on line at:  or send a check to Nevada Families (not tax deductible), 186 Ryndon Unit 12, Elko, NV 89801.

Are You Terrified or Scared?

My daughter, Jacqui, sent me this post written by her friend, Brena.

I keep seeing people post on how they are terrified, or scared? Well.. what are you scared of exactly? War? Because that’s happening. School shootings? Because that’s happening. Pipeline? That’s been happening. Terrorism? Definitely alive and well. Going broke due to health insurance? Mmm yes. Corruption throughout the system? Already there. Police officers being murdered? Yep, that’s happening. Bullying? Check. Loss of jobs? We’ve got that on lock. Being discriminated against for your religion, political views, sexual orientation, race? That’s been going on. Rape, murder, violence, riots.. all going on and has been.

So tell me, what are you scared of that is not already happening basically everywhere? THIS ISN’T A TRUMP PROBLEM, THIS IS A PEOPLE PROBLEM. Y’all need to reevaluate your own selves..

Maybe America is a little too scared and a little too easily offended.
Quit being scared, crying around, offended by everything.. step up and do your part as an American, no, as a human being. Treat others with respect, help and encourage one another, raise your kids right, be a contributing member of society. Make sure your hands are clean, that’s your job!!!!Burning the American flag…while carrying another nations flag…the flag that men and women have laid down their lives for, for the freedom we all have.

Shame on you and your children for this. To cry over the office of the Presidency as whining spoiled children. I ask you where is your loyalty? Get out of here with that crap, how about you do your job to make it a better place. Learn the real truth about your government and the people who represent you. Then go and vote them out or in. But don’t destroy properties of others if you do not get your way…you are just a criminal then.
But right now, all I see is hate. It’s disturbing, and the ones with the most hate are being exactly what they claim to be against. this is common sense to me!